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Fund your work with support from True Followers

The 1,000 True Fans concept will be useful to anyone making things, or making things happen.
—— Kevin Kelly

Growth your community

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*The estimate is based on current data from Quail, it may be varied.

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Quail only make money when you make money
Publish blog posts, send newsletters, use Quail AI services, and more, for free.


Publish blog posts, send newsletters, use Quail AI services, and more, for free.
 Free until you start making money, then 10% commission + transaction fees.


Free until you start making money, then 10% commission + transaction fees.

Why Quail

Provide your best creating experience

Beyond the Email, Connect to the world

We go beyond email, offering seamless integration with Telegram, Discord, LINE, Whatsapp, Slack, Wechat*. Embrace the freedom of choice as you connect, share, and engage with content across a range of channels.

* Some channels are still in development.

AI features

AI Empowered

Unlock unprecedented liberty with our AI-powered approaches, embark on a journey of knowledge and self-discovery, and amplifies your unique brilliance.

Your Choice of Editor, Your Creative Journey

The best writing experience is using the editor you're most comfortable with. That's why we've made it easy to compose your content in your favorite editor, whether it's Obsidian, VSCode, and Vim.

Equations and Diagrams

Beautiful Equations and Diagrams

Quail has excellent support for scientific and engineering writing. It's easy to create equations and diagrams in your posts.

More Features

Not just a newsletter platform


A place to share your thoughts, ideas, and knowledge with your followers.


Collect your posts into a pack, and publish it as a book.
Atom Feed

Atom Feed

Native support for Atom feed, work with your favorite feed reader.
Custom Domain

Custom Domain

Use your own domain name for your publication.


Invite your friends to create together, and share the revenue.
Crypto Friendly

Crypto Friendly

Accept crypto payments from your followers.


Understand your audience with detailed data analytics.
Data Export

Data Export

Export your posts and subscribers data anytime, no more lock-in.

Migrate to Quail, with help from our team

We make it easy to migrate your subscribers, content, orders, payments from other platforms.
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