This week, half of the development work was related to emails, with the goal of increasing the Email delivery success rate, reducing the rejection rate, and improving Quail's email reputation. These tasks include implementing stricter risk control strategies, using different delivery domains, IP addresses, and delivery channels for different email domains, and so on.

It sounds simple, but it's complicated in practice. Email, as an ancient method of computer communication, really has a bit of a heavy historical burden.

Currently, Microsoft-related email accounts can receive login emails, but the newsletter is still in a disabled state for mass sending to Microsoft-related accounts, causing inconvenience to everyone. Please understand.

Bower now supports replies

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Last week, when we launched the bower feature, I mentioned that it was incomplete—now it's complete. You can reply to comments, and authors can also delete comments.

Added Wise for receiving payments

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Wise has passed Quail's corporate account verification, and authors can now use Wise to distribute earnings. Compared to Paypal, Wise offers lower fees and supports more countries and regions.

Authors can set up their Wise receiving links in "Account - Payments".

Primary receiving method

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Now that we support multiple legal currency receiving and settlement methods, we've added an option for the primary receiving method.

That's the situation for this week. 📝🚀