Here's the translation of the text into English:

Previously, someone mentioned that since Quail supports so many delivery channels (Telegram, Discord, LINE), and now everyone prefers using these apps and services, why still focus on delivering newsletters via email. Here's my reasoning:

Although platforms like Telegram and Discord are good, using them is essentially renting space provided by Telegram and Discord. If one day the landlord decides not to rent it out anymore, that space is no longer yours.

Email is different. Even though using means you're renting space from Google, email provides an alternative option: anyone can use their own domain-based email. Nowadays, you don't need to set up an email server yourself; you can achieve this by using any email service that allows custom domains.

This way, even if one day the landlord decides not to rent the land to you anymore, you can move out at any time.

So, a lot of work was done on email delivery this week:

  1. Added an email sending queue to adjust the sending strategy for different TLDs' emails.
  2. Reduced the delivery speed for QQ and Microsoft-based emails.
  3. Updated some of the email template styles.

Allow Closing Pricing Options

For example, if you only want to offer an yearly payment plan, you can disable the quarterly payment plan.

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Drag-and-Drop Image Uploads

Now, in the article writing interface, you can directly drag and drop images to a specified location to complete the upload.

Email Search Fuzzy

In the subscriber view, you can now perform a fuzzy search on emails. For example, entering will display all subscribers using Outlook emails only.

Problem Fixes and Optimizations

TOC in Paid Post Could Not Be Displayed

The switch for displaying the table of contents in paid posts was not working before. It has been fixed now:

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That's the update for this week. 📝🚀