I am on vacation, so there's not much work to share, but I'll share some thoughts.


Two people asked about the commercialization of Quail, concerned that if the income isn't enough, this service will hardly be sustainable.

No worries. Thanks to the support of friends, Quail has been profitable from the very beginning, with revenue scale enough to last a long time; although Quail currently has only one person, I am not an indie developer, and neither I nor the company to which Quail belongs rely on Quail's revenue.

Trade-offs of Feature

Generally speaking, 99% of new feature ideas are wrong. That's why I often refuse feature requests.

Last year, when chatting with @nishuang, he suggested I implement RSS importing, and I declined. When computational power is insufficient, one must rely on intuition.


Supplement to the Collection Function

The collection function mentioned in Weekly #35 has been improved, and collections can now be deleted.

The screenshot of delete packs
The screenshot of delete packs

If there are collections, the entrance to collections will now also appear on the homepage.

An image to describe post Quail Weekly #37

At the same time, some Bugs related to collection editing have also been corrected.

That's the situation for this week. 📝🚀