ASK MYSELF——无力改变生活,有好的结局吗?









1.极端专注(由彼得驱动) : 彼得要求每个人都有一个确切的优先任务。

2.致力于个人成就: 团队几乎被认为是社会主义制度

3.拒绝接受外部或内部的约束: 我们被期望以极端迅速和活力追求我们的第一优先事项



1.We can think of a creator’s reputation as a “battery,” or store of value, for attention. More followers mean more attention in the bank, but when people follow a creator they do so because they expect to receive more content. If creators don’t produce anything new, their followers will eventually get bored and leave. Reputation, like software, requires maintenance over time——《 working in public


  • Creator-first means creators get paid for what they do. Period. And the way they’ve rolled this out is exactly that. The creator(s) are the ones who create the experience, bring the audience, keep them entertained and thus get 100% of the payment. Instead the person sending the money gets charged a small processing fee thru Stripe.

  • It’s an almost digital return to the artform of busking. You know busking where some guy or girl would break out their guitar at a subway station and sing to the public. People would throw pennies and quarters or dollars into the guitar case to support the struggling artist. In that situation, there is no processing fee, but you know that 100% of what you give is going to that one person. Your dollar is theirs. There’s no middleman taking a cut.

  • That said, only time will tell how this feature gets rolled out and which creators continue to thrive on Clubhouse by making great audio-only experiences.

  • It’s an ever-changing world and we’re just living in it.



  • The Right to Free Speech means the government can't arrest you for what you say.言论自由指的是,政府不能因为你说过的话而逮捕你。

  • It doesn't mean that anyone else has to listen to your bullshit, or host you while you share it.这并不代表其他人必须听你说的话,并不代表其他人必须容忍你。

  • The Right to Free Speech doesn't shield you from criticism or consequences.言论自由并不保护你免于批评和其他后果。

  • If you're yelled at, boycotted, fired, banned from an Internet community, beaten up or even get shot by a gun, your free speech rights aren't being violated.如果你被辱骂,被抵制,被裁员,被论坛封禁账号,甚至被殴打被枪杀,你的言论自由并没有因此被侵犯。

  • It's just that the people listening think you're an asshole.这只是因为人们认为你是一个混蛋。

  • And they're showing you the door.然后他们告诉你应当如何滚蛋。