Last week, in the Quail Weekly newsletter, we mentioned that Email import has been temporarily disabled for reasons beyond just being exploited for spamming. Another significant concern was issues with the mail service providers' reception policies.

Take, for example, an author who initially published articles on After migrating to Quail, their sending address would change from [email protected] to [email protected].

This change could pose a problem if the author has a substantial subscriber base, say thousands of people:

If many subscribers use email services from a particular company, say [email protected], that company who own might notice a sudden influx of emails from [email protected] to many of its managed accounts.

Such behavior could trigger the company's risk control strategies:

A new sender, suddenly sending bulk emails to numerous accounts.

Under these circumstances, the company's mail servers might flag this address and reduce its reputation score.

Therefore, for those migrating subscription services, it's best to use their own email address and consistently use it, ensuring smooth transitions. However, maintaining an email service is complex and often delegated to third parties. Hence, the best practice is usually to warm up.


In the 33rd Weekly Newsletter, I mentioned that the collections feature was in beta testing, and this week, it has been made available to all authors. After logging into the author's backend, you can find the entry to "Collections" on the right side.

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The order in which articles are added to a collection will match the display order.

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Moreover, as described, this feature is not yet in its final form. The ultimate goal is to offer an experience akin to reading a small book, whereas it currently remains a work in progress.

Other Bug Fixes and Optimizations

UI Optimization

Based on updates to QuailUI, Quail's Widgets, the author dashboard, and other UI elements have also been updated. This update includes:

  • New icons
  • New components
  • Menu adaptations for mobile devices

Here's a Demo

If an article contains a link pointing to another Quail page, it no longer adds the rel="nofollow" attribute. This change benefits SEO, allowing search engines to index Quail's pages more effectively.

This update was implemented using goldmark-enclave.

Website Update

Added a new feature list

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As well as a new Open Source page, Community Guidelines, and Quail Tips.

That's the update for this week. 📝🚀