The high likelihood of previous issues was due to Email Spoofing, which led to a lower reputation of Quail's delivery IP in the eyes of some Email monitoring lists.

Now, through some measures (and spending some money), it should be gradually recovering. We hope to return to normal levels asap.

Update All Email Templates

To say that the HTML/CSS used in Emails and the HTML/CSS used on websites are two different languages is no exaggeration. Many syntaxes and features that work in regular web environments are unusable in Emails.

Our previous email templates were handwritten HTML, done quite casually, with some compatibility issues. This time, everything has been rewritten with MJML, which has significantly improved from before.

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A demand I had been putting off, Yishi asked two weeks ago if it could be supported, and I mentioned it was already supported but not opened. So, this week we made the frontend compatible, and now it's supported.

There's a "Cooperator Settings" in "List Settings - General", where you can add a collaborator by entering their Email.

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They will be showed is as follows:

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Collaborators can create posts and send Bowers, as well as modify and delete their own posts. This helps multiple people to jointly manage one List.

Azure OpenAI

Due to the fluctuating risk control strategies of the official OpenAI API, we've added support for Azure OpenAI. Now, Quail's AI has switched to Azure — though there's no difference in usage.


This is a feature currently in beta testing and not yet opened to other authors. Specifically, it allows for grouping several posts into a collection, as shown below:

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You can also see the demo here.

Obsidian Plugin Updates

You can disable strict line breaks now.

By defaults, Markdown requires two line breaks for paragraph breaks. If you don’t like this mode, you can turn off this switch in the obsidian-quail.

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That's the update for this week. 📝🚀