According to the announcement by Google1 and Yahoo2, they require all bulk emails to include:

  1. Full authentication, including SPF, DKIM, and DMARC.
  2. A one-click unsubscribe.
  3. Sending emails only to users who need them.

The #1 was completed last year; the #3 has always been Quail's practice, never sending any emails without the user's active consent. The #2 was completed in this week's update.

The so-called "one-click unsubscribe" mentioned in the #2 is a link that appears next to the email recipient:

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Clicking this link will directly unsubscribe the mail list, without the need to navigate to a webpage.

To implement it should follows RFC80583 by adding to the email headers:

List-Unsubscribe: <URL>
List-Unsubscribe-Post: List-Unsubscribe=One-Click

Additionally, to more strictly adhere to the #3, email imports have been temporarily disabled. The plan is to introduce a 2-step opt-in process for email owners to confirm their subscription.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

Modify Email Address

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In the Account menu at the top right corner, you can now change your email address. It's a two-step process: enter the new email address, then enter the code received in the new email to complete verification.

Updated UI Components

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Updated the UI components of the post pages and subscription forms, along with some details.

The List slug is no longer changable

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Now, once a List Identifier (List Slug) is created, it can no longer be changed.

Issue with Payout Settings

Fixed an issue where Stripe could not perform real-name verification in Payout settings