Last week, I didn't accomplish much in terms of visible R&D work, as I went out to hang out with friends. However, I started some refactoring on Sunday morning, preparing to implement a new cryptocurrency payment approach.

Some Less Visible Work

The Cryptocurrency Payment I Mentioned

Previously, Quail used Mixpay, which supports payments and settlements in cryptocurrency, akin to a crypto version of Stripe.

However, in October, Mixpay was paralyzed due to a hacker attack on its underlying blockchain, Mixin Network, which also affected Quail's cryptocurrency payments. Now, when trying to pay with Mixpay, this message shows up:

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So I plan to use a smart contract to process on-chain payments.

The smart contract itself is quite straightforward and is already written, but I need a friend to check it over. In addition, there's work to be done in handling contract states and on-chain data.

A Slight Refactoring of the Frontend

Initially, for speed of launching, different parts of Quail's frontend were implemented separately, without the later developed Quail-UI. This approach, if continued long-term, makes maintenance exhausting 😓.

So, I've made some changes. The static pages are now es modules.

As for the impact, there's an easily noticeable change. For instance, visit Yurii Thinks, and you'll see the component for pagination:

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New Authors from Public Accounts

Recently, I've successfully obtained permissions from several authors to publish their content on Quail.

For example, Yurii Thinks, mentioned earlier, is a famous tech author and a friend of mine.

Another author who has started publishing is Basic Common Sense—a well-known science popularization writer, may be familiar to many Chinese readers.

Thanks to these new authors for their support. They continue to write rare, valuable articles in this era, and I welcome everyone to subscribe and greet them 👏.

I'll introduce the active authors on Quail in detail later.

Customizable Favicon

I wish for every author on Quail to carve out their own brand identity. Thus, in addition to custom domain, authors can now set their own Favicon.

The setting is located in the List Settings, right next to where you set the List Avatar. Authors need to prepare a favicon.ico file and upload it.

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That's the update for this week.