It's the last day of 2023.

Since its official launch in July, Quail has gained over 10,000 subscribers, subscribing to 89 different newsletters/blogs. These authors have published over 1,500 posts, including more than 160 paid posts. These posts have been sent via Email over 60,000 times, reaching a total readership of over 120,000.

Of course, these figures are still far from those of platforms like Substack. But then, my goal was never to become the next Substack. Initially, I just wanted to create a space for myself to write, but then I discovered that many others needed such a place too. So, why not? I can make my friend smiling...

In terms of Quail's development, we have completed 219 requirements, with approximately 500-600 commits across several core repositories. Among these, 6 repositories are open source, including a UI library, JS SDK, 3 goldmark plugins, and an Obsidian plugin. There are 4 more repositories prepared for open-sourcing, expected to release their source code in the first quarter of 2024.

For a part-time project, Quail's progress satisfies me well. If it weren't for AI assistance, I probably wouldn't undertake such a project alone.

Expectations for Quail Next Year

Firstly, I hope the number of authors and readers on can increase tenfold (which I believe is not an overly ambitious goal). This could allow me to explore some new commercial ideas.

In terms of growth details, I'm looking forward to welcoming more authors and readers from beyond the Chinese-speaking community, specifically entering Japanese and English-speaking community (this might be challenging).

Then, I hope to successfully implement the features I have in mind. Currently, our Roadmap is less than 30% complete (the challenge here is not about capability, but rather time availability). Also, I wish to see others, besides myself, participating in the development.

What We Did in the Last Week of 2023

Added 'Previous' and 'Next' Post Links

This feature feels a bit overdue...

It's beneficial for both SEO and reader engagement.

Improved Post Building

Some authors might be aware that Quail's posts are static. Each post generates an HTML file upon publishing.

With an increase in authors, the previous static build efficiency was inadequate. After this upgrade, the build speed has improved by 10 times.

More Recognizable Email Senders

Previously, Quail emails were all sent from 'Quail'.

This was confusing for those subscribed to multiple Newsletters. Now, the sender's email has changed to <list-slug>, and the sender's name is the Newsletter's name.

Optimized Cover Images

Quail now attempts to convert post cover images to webp format. This reduces the size by 70%-90%, speeds up initial loading, and also increases the success rate of generating preview images when shared on social platforms (like Twitter).

What an amazing year it's been! 🎉

The support, relationships, and growth have surpassed my expectations. Quail has become a daily routine, defining the theme of my 2023. 🧡

Thank you all for your energy, enthusiasm and engagement. 🙏🏻✨