The first weekly of 2024 is a bit late than usual. 📅

I felt a chill in my back and an itch in my throat last Friday, and sure enough, I caught a cold afterward. I slept a lot for two days, and only then did my body recover. 😴🤒

Due to the cold, there aren't many updates in this iteration.

Subscription Form

One area of improvement is the form for entering an email to subscribe. 📧

Previously, this form had two issues:

  1. It didn't work well under custom domains. This was because the form uses Cloudflare Turnstile, which often failed to verify under custom domains.
  2. The implementation of this form was scattered across several places, making maintenance and upgrades a hassle. 🛠️

Now, both of these issues have been fixed, and a new feature has been introduced:

Widget: Subscribe Form

In the list settings, under Widget settings, you'll see a new Layout option. If you choose the "Subscribe form", you can embed the subscribe form as a widget on your site. 🌐

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Adding Paypal to Payouts

Understanding that some friends find it hard to register with Stripe, I've added Paypal as a payment channel for authors. 💰

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Of course, the channel fees for Paypal are a bit higher than Stripe's...

Fixes and Optimizations

Rendering Error for Custom Domain

When accessing the "About" page via a custom domain, the header navigation failed to render. After investigation, it was due to an oversight in checking for undefined values in function parameters.

JavaScript really isn't a good language.

Premium Post Prompts

While modifying the subscription form, I also tweaked the premium post prompts, focusing on spacing, copy, and style adjustments: ✍️🎨

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Year Selector to the Income Page

It's already 2024 before we know it. At the beginning of the year, I was organizing my accounts and saw the income page was empty. I thought it was a bug, but then realized that initially, I had only queried the income records of the current year.

So, I added a year selector: 📅🔍

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That's the update for this week. 📝🚀