The city is blanketed in snow, marking the first snowfall of the season.

Similar to China, Japan holds a special reverence for the 'firsts' of the New Year, considering them to be auspicious signs or "新年の縁起物" (New Year's lucky items).

This includes activities like drawing the first fortune of the year at a temple, or the significance given to the first dream of the New Year, which are believed to foretell one's fortune for the year.

I wonder, what was the content of your first dream this year?

Tax season has arrived, and this week was mainly spent preparing materials for my accountant, including the financial statements from Quail.

This task was supposedly done before, but I recently noticed some issues:

  1. I realized that the fees charged by Stripe, if billed in JPY, are exclusive of tax. The actual charge includes consumption tax.
  2. If not billed in JPY, there's no consumption tax.
  3. The currency conversion had some discrepancies, slightly higher than the +0.5% mentioned by Stripe. This might be due to different sources of exchange rates.

For those using Stripe, please take this as a reference.

Image caption and dimension

It's supported by goldmark-enclave, compatible with the standard Markdown image insertion syntax.

  • To set a caption, just use the "..." syntax after the image URL.
  • To specify dimensions, use the w= and h= parameters after the URL for width and height. If one is omitted, it will automatically adjust to 'auto', adapting to the image's aspect ratio.

For example, the following syntax sets the image width to 100px, with the height automatically adjusted, and the title as "This is a caption":

![]( "This is a caption")

It will be rendered as follows:

This is a caption
This is a caption

Fixes and Optimizations

In last week's update, I mentioned the subscription form had been rewritten.

Now, the subscription form is actually a widget placed inside an iframe. But I forgot to modify the feed link within it, causing the feed to open in the iframe, hindering normal subscription and preview.

This issue was fixed.

Highlighting the Paywall Button

Due to the author @dingyi of DEX Weekly forgetting to insert the Paywall twice, I've highlighted the Paywall button to prevent further oversights.

The approximate effect is as follows:

Highlighted Paywall Button
Highlighted Paywall Button

That's the update for this week. 📝🚀

Additionally, I'm looking to gather reviews about Quail from the group of authors. Recently, a friend asked in the Discord group:

Hello there! I'm curious if everyone in the channel has started using Quail for their newsletters. What are the pros and cons?
Hello there! I'm curious if everyone in the channel has started using Quail for their newsletters. What are the pros and cons?

The requirements are simple: post it anywhere, must be a Quail author (already using Quail), and include both cons and pros.

I could generate reviews using AI, but I thought real human feedback would be more genuine and heartfelt. So, I'm here to solicit submissions. Thank you, everyone! 🙏😊