Last week, we mentioned that the discussion area we've been working on is now live, named Bower.

Authors can activate it in their settings. If an author has some thoughts but they're not quite enough for a full article, they can now share them here and interact with their subscribers.

Image of the feature announcementAn image to describe post Quail Weekly #30: Bower

Once activated, just wait a moment and you'll see the entrance on the homepage.

Image showing the entrance on the homepageAn image to describe post Quail Weekly #30: Bower

If you've enabled the membership system, you can also post content exclusive to members:

Image showing member-exclusive content featureAn image to describe post Quail Weekly #30: Bower

The Quail homepage talks about building a Community. We've been pondering over how to construct Quail's community.

We considered Mastodon, but then thought it's better to create our own to better meet our needs. So, after spending two weekends, we've pretty much got it done - although it's not complete, all the essential features are there:

  • Announcements
  • Member and non-member content
  • Pinned posts
  • Emoji interactions
  • Deleting replies
  • Replying within replies

Issue Fixes and Optimizations

Multiple Email Delivery Channels

Due to last week's issues with Outlook reception, we've added new email delivery channels. For Outlook/Hotmail/ emails, we will use these new channels for delivery.

UI Optimization

This week, we focused on optimizing some longstanding UI issues:

  • Clicking the top icon on the dashboard now redirects to your own List
  • Account adjustments
  • Direct replacement of current pinned articles without needing to delete and re-add
  • Fixing some layout issues in dialog boxes

Recognizing Common Email Errors

Many friends make mistakes in their email addresses when subscribing. Common errors include misspelling .com as .con, or as, etc. Now, Quail will recognize these common typos.

That's the update for this week. 📝🚀