We've been screwed over by Microsoft again 😡: Window Defender SmartScreen has mistakenly identified Quail as a phishing site, and Outlook's mail server has rejected all emails from Quail.

Window Defender SmartScreen mistakenly identifies Quail as a phishing site
Window Defender SmartScreen mistakenly identifies Quail as a phishing site

So, first of all, I need a favor from everyone using Windows and the Edge browser. If you see the above image, please click on "Report that this site does not contain phishing threats."

As for the email issue, for all Microsoft-related emails, including outlook, live.com, msn.com, and hotmail.com, I have switched to another sending channel. I'd appreciate it if you could add Quail's addresses to the list of safe senders in Outlook by following these steps:

  1. If Quail's email is in the junk folder, please click on "Not junk."
  2. Then, in the right-click menu of a Quail email, select "Block - Never block sender," and confirm in the pop-up dialog

Additionally, I've submitted a ticket to Microsoft. If anyone is familiar with Microsoft's process for resolving such issues, please contact me or email [email protected]. Thank you. If you're experiencing issues receiving emails, you can also contact [email protected].

New Features


This is a significant feature that we started working on last week. We haven't finalized the name yet, but functionally, it's like a Creator's Timeline, similar to Zhihu's Knowledge Planet. Creators and others can interact here.

It's not yet complete, but my discussion is already open for you to check out.

Current look of the feature
Current look of the feature

Bug Fixes and Optimizations

A big thanks to the author of Weekly for helping to identify several bugs, all of which have been fixed.

Article Navigation Issue

At the bottom of each article, there are links to "Previous" and "Next" articles. If an article was published and then unpublished, the navigation would still point to this unpublished article.

The issue was due to a mistake in the SQL query, which has now been corrected.

Custom Domain Verification Issue

Sometimes, even after a custom domain was activated, the settings panel would still indicate domain verification failure. This issue occurred because the program stopped checking the domain after several failed attempts (even if the domain was configured successfully later).

We have now extended the detection time for each domain.

Back Button Issue on 404 Page

Previously, the back button on the 404 page wouldn't load the List homepage content if clicked. This issue was due to an incorrect routing path, which has been fixed.

Blank Crypto Checkout Page

This issue was caused by some authors turning off the configuration for receiving cryptocurrency payments. The configuration was not being correctly synchronized, resulting in the cryptocurrency checkout page being visible but not loadable. This has now been fixed.

That's the update for this week. 📝🚀