Recently, I am considering introducing some new features, such as Solana Pay and Referral.

When FTX collapsed, I thought Solana was done, but surprisingly, it bounced back and has been improving a lot ever since.

For instance, the protocol of Solana Pay seems quite promising, something the Ethereum Foundation hasn't thought of adapting for payment scenarios despite many years.


Don't take this post as any investment advice.

I've always wanted to do Referrals, but it's not that easy.

If targeting only the Chinese market, there are WeChat Pay and Alipay, which are like national account systems there, thus they can directly provide a complete commission/referral solution.

However, it's more challenging with Stripe and PayPal due to various technical and compliance reasons.

It's much easier on the blockchain. So, this time, I plan to start with Solana.

Supporting Referral has many benefits. For authors, it offers a channel incentive solution. For Quail, this incentive solution can be used to acquire traffic and other resources.

These are all plans, and development has not yet started.


Obsidian Plugin Optimization

Main optimizations include:

  • Commands can now be used in non-editing mode.
  • If an article is saved to Quail without a summary or other information, it will automatically use AI to generate it.

Google Indexing Integration

The goal is to get content indexed by Google faster, and currently, the best solution is using Google Indexing.

Although Sitemaps are a more universal solution, they tend to be indexed slower compared to Google Indexing.

PayPal Integration

The main purpose is to verify the availability of PayPal accounts at the time of Payouts, rather than filling in any PayPal account and discovering issues when it's time to disburse funds.

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A secondary purpose is to potentially support PayPal payments in the future.

The development experience with PayPal is quite inferior compared to Stripe, and so is the service experience

That's the situation for this week. 📝🚀